Dental Implant Course Reviews

Soft Tissue Around Dental Implants - CPD 13hrs

Presently held in Birmingham, the course provides hands-on tuition from Dr Boota Singh Ubhi – a Registered Specialist in Periodontics with more than 25 years’ experience with dental implants. Training enables delegates to diagnose potential soft tissue complications prior to implant treatment so they can be minimised or avoided completely. Various plastic periodontal surgical techniques are also taught to optimise aesthetics and longevity of outcomes.

Making this course unique, delegates are provided with an iPad with a custom bulit application for the duration of training to facilitate a particularly high standard of mentorship and support.

March 2021 - Video Reviews

Anoup nandra review

Dr Anoup Nandra – Implant Soft Tissue Course

“I would say this training has hugely improved my management of soft tissue, enabled me to implement new techniques and, importantly, allowed me to better identify high-risk patients. I am 100% more confidence with the techniques covered as part of this programme.

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Vishal patel review

Dr Vishal Patel – Implant Soft Tissue Course

I feel more confident with carrying out soft tissue surgery having attended this course. I have definitely seen an improvement in my work. I am able to incorporate enhanced soft tissue management as part of the treatment plan, whereas in the past I might have referred this out to a periodontist.

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Feb 2021 - Video Reviews

Dr Kirpal Dhaliwal review

Dr Kirpal Dhaliwal – Implant Soft Tissue Course

“I wanted to improve my skills regarding soft tissue management around implants. I had been offering implants for more than 10 years – over this amount of time you get know exactly which areas you are most comfortable with and which you would like to develop and enhance.

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Douglas Watt review

Dr Douglas Watt – Implant Soft Tissue Course

“An increasing number of soft tissue problems have become apparent with regards to implants, and I wanted to advance my knowledge on how to manage potential complications. More specifically, I wished to learn how to optimise keratinised tissue around implants for greater soft tissue attachment.

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Timeline - An Evolving Programme