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Aesthetics and Soft Tissue

Restoring the appearance of the soft tissues surrounding implants is one of the most difficult aesthetic challenges in modern dentistry. While perhaps less obvious than the hard, white surfaces of teeth and restorations, the presence and condition of the gingiva greatly modifies the overall result

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Getting started – Soft tissue management

We often talk about optimising the soft tissue around dental implants. It is widely recognised as an important part of implant treatment and clinicians are constantly advancing their capabilities and experience in the field in order to achieve ever-better outcomes for their patients.

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Soft Tissue Around Dental Implants Course - CPD 13hrs

Presently held in Birmingham, the course provides hands-on tuition from Dr Boota Singh Ubhi – a Registered Specialist in Periodontics with more than 25 years’ experience with dental implants. Training enables delegates to diagnose potential soft tissue complications prior to implant treatment so they can be minimised or avoided completely. Various plastic periodontal surgical techniques are also taught to optimise aesthetics and longevity of outcomes.

Making this course unique, delegates are provided with an iPad with a custom bulit application for the duration of training to facilitate a particularly high standard of mentorship and support.