Patient Case Studies – Advanced Dentistry

BPI Dental can support the GDP with complex cases


"Many of the case studies illustrated below represent the General Dental Practitioners' (GDP) referred patients. Occasionally during general practice the GDP may face a challenging or complex case.  In complex cases the relationship with your patient that that you have worked hard to foster may sometimes be compromised and jeopardise patient retention. Often in this situation the patient will be referred to a specialist practice......"

Common Questions

When providing advanced treatments that may be beyond your comfort zone it is always prudent to seek assistance. We can help you maintain a trusted relationship with your patients by providing support and expertise in advanced dentistry. Our highly qualified specialists can offer your patients the latest developments as a referral practice dedicated to clinical excellence.

It is our goal to develop a good working relationship with our referring colleagues and we embrace a team approach to patient care. Join us in a rewarding relationship and discover the advantages of working together for the benefit of your patients, and progress of your practice.

Extensive Experience
Celebrating 15 years as a dedicated referral practice. Thousands of patients each year have enjoyed the health benefits of being liberated from periodontal disease. Advanced surgical techniques have ensured our 98% success rate, with over 3000 implants changing peoples lives.

Centre of Excellence
Comfortable, state of the art clinic with the latest technology and certified procedures. CT Scanning facilities ensure exact implant placement and brilliant aesthetics that restore confident smiles..

Qualified Expertise
Leading GDC registered specialists who’s primary focus is to deliver outstanding clinical results. Our excellent reputation is well known, over 700 general dentists entrust their patients to us.

Exceptional Care
Patient comfort is an integral part of our treatment philosophy, sedation offers nervous patients pain free dentistry while they sleep. Friendly staff establish a relaxed environment where patients feel secure and informed throughout their treatment.

Referral Services

Assessment of Periodontal Condition.

Non Surgical Management of Periodontal Disease

Surgical Periodontal Therapy
Access therapy, Root resection / Hemisection, Regenerative Procedures

Plastic Periodontal Surgery
Soft Tissue Grafting, Root Coverage – Conective Tissue / Biomaterials, Ridge Augmentation, Crown Lengthening, Gummy Smiles

Single tooth, Multiple Teeth, Full Arch Restorations.
Augmentation Procedures
Block Bone Grafting, Sinus Grafting – One/two Stage
Teeth in a Day
All-on-4 ® – Treatment Concept
Management of Failing Implants
Peri-Implantitis Treatment, General Implant Problems

Conventional Fixed.

Cosmetic – Minimumally Invasive Dentistry

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD)

Complex Prosthodontic Rehabilitation

Patient Case Studies – Advanced Dentistry

all teeth missing fixed teeth case 1 pre op
Dental Implantology
Boota Ubhi

Fixed prosthesis four implant bridge

A diagnosis of severe chronic periodontitis was made along with cosmetic concerns. Unfortunately, due to the severe bone loss present, the natural teeth could not be saved. Prior to starting the treatment, the patient was made well aware of his role during and post-treatment.

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failing dentition_0004_Layer 6
Dental Implantology
Boota Ubhi

Restoration of the failing dentition

All types of bone grafting procedures from using guided bone regenerative techniques to block bone grafting (Chin or mandible) are carried out at the practice. All types of bone grafting procedures from using guided bone regenerative techniques to block bone grafting (Chin or mandible) are carried out at the practice.

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bilateral sinus graft post op opg
Dental Implantology
Boota Ubhi

Bilateral Sinus Grafting – One Stage

In many cases where there is upto 3/4mm of bone left in the posterior maxilla, dental implants can be placed at the same time as the sinus bone graft (One stage procedure). This one stage surgical procedure reduces the overall treatment time by several months……

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Management of Peri-Implantitis _0004_Layer 8
Dental Implantology
Boota Ubhi

Management of Peri-Implantitis

As the number of dental implants placed each year has increased steadily, the problems with them have also increased. Peri-implantitis is a dental term used to describe the destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants……..

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multiple teeth restoration DSC_0059
Dental Implantology
Boota Ubhi

Multiple Teeth Restoration

Mrs H presented with severe periodontal disease which resulted in number of teeth being loose due to loss of periodontal support. After a successful course of non-surgical periodontal therapy……

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