Multiple Teeth Restoration

Multiple Teeth Restoration

Dr BS Ubhi

The cases presented here illustrate over 20 years experience of implantology, periodontics and prosthodontics. It is my goal to remain current with advances in our profession and the most recent cases presented here will illustrate new techniques, procedures and technologies. I welcome your discussion and opinion related to the handling of difficult cases.

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Four unit bridge retained by two implants

If two or more teeth are missing, a bridge firmly anchored to dental implants provides an aesthetically pleasing and functional result that helps to prevent further loss of natural bone.

Loose incisors due to periodontal disease

Case Overview

This case illustrates careful planning and placement of dental implants leading to a stable and aesthetic result.

dental implants provides an aesthetically pleasing and functional result that helps to prevent further loss of natural bone..

Dr BS Ubhi
Mrs H presented with severe periodontal disease which resulted in number of teeth being loose due to loss of periodontal support. After a successful course of non-surgical periodontal therapy along with smoking cessation advice, the patient was still unhappy with the appearance of the loose upper front teeth. After further discussion she decided to go ahead with dental implants. This case was completed in 2010 and she has no issues since then with the dental implants.



This shows the post treatment recession of the upper front teeth following successful periodontal therapy.

multiple teeth restoration Before


The x-ray shows advanced bone loss around the upper incisors.

multiple teeth restoration before xray


The upper incisors were extracted, and 2 dental implants placed into the extraction sockets at the same time. A temporary Adhesive (Rochette) Bridge was used for the period of healing.

multiple teeth restoration DSC_0059


The x-ray shows well integrated implant and well seated screw retained bridge.

multiple teeth restoration after xray


The final picture shows excellent aesthetic result of the four-unit bridge retained by 2 implants coupled with good soft tissue health as well

multiple teeth restoration after

Clinical Prognosis

The critical key to the long-term success all these cases is the resolution of the periodontal disease coupled with smoking cessation and finally good hygiene maintenance programme. Long term data from all over the world has confirmed this is in several studies. Here the patient was extremely happy with the result and has continued to see the hygienist on a regular basis over the last 10 years.

Initially it was the patient’s choice to improve the cosmetic appearance of her teeth that led to all the discussion of what could be possible. If she had opted to retain these teeth, I am sure we would have been able to keep these for a very long time, but the issue of mobility would not have been dealt without new porcelain crowns being splinted together.

“The result has been I now have a full set of implanted teeth, which has helped me return to a normal life, I can eat, speak and drink normally. I am immensely grateful for what Dr Ubhi has done for me.”
DM, Birmingham

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